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My name is Igor Ramos and I’m a software engineer working at IBM. This is my personal website where I talk about some of my projects.

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Igor’s Recent Projects

(2017) Intelery CAN bus Analyzer

A new and improved version of my 2015 CANALYZE project. A multi-tenant cloud application built in React and Node.js https://intelery.com

(2016) Cognitive Candy: a voice-enabled candy dispensing machine

Cognitive Candy is an internet-connected candy dispensing machine build using Raspberry Pi and IBM Watson technologies. More info at CognitiveCandy.io

Recent Software Projects:

  • CANALIZE(2015): web-based protocol analyzer which interfaces with host computer’s hardware. Chrome App, Javascript
  • CanDecoder (2015): a command line utility to convert raw vehicle network log files into user readable information. Java, Eclipse.
  • J1939 PGN Decoder (2014): mobile app to assist engineers decoding vehicle network parameters. Objective-C, XCode, iOS.




Recent Embedded Projects

  • ChargIntel (2014): vehicle battery predictive analysis with mobile phone and push notification. BLE, ARM, Android, iOS
  • OpenLoggage (2013): low-power stick-gum sized data logger for shipped packages. Arduino based, open source.
  • SmartCoaster (2012): internet-connected wireless weighing scale to track inventory levels in real-time. BLE, PIC18F, C
  • RECAP (2013): audio adapter for smartphone call recording. Analog circuit design, CAD (SketchUp), 3D Printing.
  • MICO (2011): a mobile Interactive Voice Response system for starting vehicles via a phone call. Arduino, C/C++
  • Gadget Maker’s Blog (2012): technical articles such as how to reduce embedded system power draw by 99%.


Operation: coaster units form a wireless mesh network. Info hops from unit to unit until it reaches the router. The router connects to a computer’s USB port and centralized the coasters info. Data can be uploaded to cloud in real-time for remote management.

Project Status: prototype, not in development

Technology highlights:

  • Sensor: Load Cell (salvaged from kitchen scale)
  • Interface: Instrumentation Amplifier from TI
  • Microcontroller: PIC18F
  • Wireless module: nRF24L01+ or Bluetooth
  • Battery: Li-ion 3.7v 130mAh (salvaged from toy helicopter)
  • Enclosure: designed in SketchUp, 3d printed by Shapeways
  • PCB: designed with Eagle, fab by OshPark


Purpose: I wanted to start up my car’s engine from indoors during the sub-zero Minnesota mornings. I installed a remote starter in my car but found the range was insufficient. I then took on the challenge of hacking my car to make it start with a phone call.

Operation: MICO is circuit board compatible with the Arduino prototyping platform. It implement a mobile Interactive Voice Response System with controls. Think of it as an answering machine that take commands via the keypad. Instead of “pressing 0 for operator”, you would type the password and 0 to start the vehicle.

Project Status: In Production, more info at: http://HelloMico.com

Technology highlights:

  • DTMF Decoder IC with discrete op-amp for signal amplification
  • Mobile phone interface via Audio Jack
  • Support Answer/End Call actuation.
  • MicroSD card to store voice prompts.

RECAP Audio Adapter

Overview:  RECAP is an audio adapter for smartphone call recording. It taps the signals between phone and headset and creates a “copy”of the signals so user can record call into a second device: PC, Voice Recorder, or another Android / iOS phone or tablet.

Project Status:  in production, more info at http://RecapMyCalls.com


  • Circuit: Analog circuit design using signal amplifier.
  • CAD: SketchUp software as the 3d modeling software.
  • Enclosure: ABS, Up Mini 3D Printer.


Project Status: prototype, open source http://OpenLoggage.com/main

Technology Highlights:

  • Microcontroller: Atmel 328p, Arduino boot code
  • Sensors & Peripherals: accelerometer, light sensor, Real-Time Clock, li-ion charge circuit
  • Low-Power Design: 99% better than Arduino Uno


ChargIntel (2014): vehicle battery predictive analysis with mobile phone and push notification. BLE, ARM, Android, iOS

Project Status: prototype, not in development

Technology Highlight:

  • Microcontroller: Nordic  nrf51822 (Bluetooth Low Energy with an ARM Cortex-M core)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy, iBeacon for push notification.
  • Health of vehicle’s charging system (battery, alternator and starter) determined via predictive analysis.
  • Smartphone app provide cloud connectivity

Gadget Maker’s Blog – http://GadgetMakersBlog.com